For Everyone

Whether you're just starting out or you've navigated the web3 waters for years, Litemint is your gateway to a frictionless, connected experience across all platforms with instant sign-ups. Jump in, mint, and start trading your creations right away.


One seamless experience

With our built-in, non-custodial wallet, you're in full control of your digital treasures—be it NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or game loot! Link up your favorite hardware wallet and use biometric logins for added security.


Web3 Native

At the heart of Litemint is our dedication to using web3 technology to empower creators and collectors and provide the ultimate decentralized trading experience including a powerful auction system and royalties. Your creations, your rules—no gatekeepers in sight.


Creator Royalties

Enjoy universal NFT royalty payments.

Litemint supports diverse payment schemes including fixed, subscription, and percentage-based models to fit any project.

Powerful Auction House

From art, event tickets to game loot, sell anything via our versatile, P2P auction system.

Litemint offers various pricing strategies including English, Dutch, decentralized sealed bid auctions and more!

User-friendly Wallet

Don't have a wallet yet? No worries—we've got everything you need to begin minting and listing your creations immediately!

Experienced users can manage multiple wallets and accounts. Litemint also works with Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets.

With smart contracts unlocked for Litemint, we are redefining #NFT royalties and auctions for all!

The wait is almost over...

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